DAGORLAD "Herald Of Doom" /CD/

Third full-length album by the Atmospheric Epic Black/Dark Metal band from Belgium.
This is an epic fantasy concept album about the aggressive warrior tribe of the Imptacar and the Brotherhood of the Silver Cross, with more melodic songs and an improved great modern sound to what you’re used to of these Belgian warriors.
For fans of bands such as BalSagoth, Summoning… etc.
Shiver Records, 2008 (SHR 507)

1. Intro 03:20
2. Herald of Doom 03:55
3. Imptacar 03:52
4. Silver Cross Brotherhood 04:48
5. Dwarves 05:23
6. Dragons 04:21
7. Elves 05:16
8. An Army of Skeletons 05:25
9. The Final Battle 13:12
10. Outro 01:17
11. The Sword 04:01
Total playing time: 54:50

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