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DAEMONHEIM "Hexentanz" /CD/

  • DAEMONHEIM "Hexentanz" /CD/

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Second full-length album by the German Black Metal band.
Heaten Black Metal with dark, fast and brutal elements.
Daemonheim have something of an intriguing component to their sound. Despite using a Pagan descriptive there is little to no Folk influence, instead there are numerous fleeting flourishes, many that wouldn't go amiss on a 70's Prog album, especially when the mood turns introspective. It's these touches that seperate the band from the crowd, the core sound is tried and tested but there is a lightness of touch which relies on more subtle emphasis rather than ramming the point down your throat. There is a warmth to the rhythm guitar, dying embers in the grate, the earthiness of tone complimenting the general aesthetic, the most effective sections being when combined in interplay with the acoustic gazing.
“Hexentanz” gradually ingratiates itself upon you, there is a natural seduction at work, the plot is worked to paint the picture and so vistas change frequently although the sense of direction remains a constant. These songs are not forced upon the listener, though the drums often pummel away, they remain part of the honeycomb fabric that forms the support for the music, the balance of the whole seeking to allow free will, the doors always open, leave when you want. There is also a transient motif to the album, free of encumberment, Daemonheim can move on when they please.
Tempos are woven seamlessly together, rapidity flows into more sedate progressions and densities also shift smoothly without any stop/start judder. To keep you reminded that this is Black Metal, harsh snarls force themselves through a strangled throat, often joined in chorus by lower growls, be in no doubt that menace waits to trip the unwary.
The tales that are told here will have you tab hanging on every word, sometimes you'll need some hush to appreciate the sub-plots, after all this is more finely crafted than most Black Metal. Ultimately the reward is there, and like that bloke who lost his titfer, you can tanz if you want to.
Black Tower Productions, 2007 (BT11). Made in Germany. First press.

1.Waldstimmen 07:25
2.Einst zogen durch den Harz 06:33
3.Teufelsmauer 06:21
4.Von Riesen und Rossern 06:12
5.Fluch der Hexen 06:25
6.Das Totendorf 05:45
7.Manner und Wolfe 04:58

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