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CRIONICS "Neuthrone" /CD/

  • CRIONICS "Neuthrone" /CD/

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    Band: CRIONICS
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The third full-length album by Polish Death/Black Metal band.
The combination between the heavy guitars and fast paced, pounding drums, plus background synths, creates an atmosphere that is both dark and heavy, and eerie, reminiscent of something from a sci-fi horror flick. The variations in tempo, along with creative and catchy guitar riffs that vary considerably throughout, also add to the overall enjoyment of the album. Unique, harsh vocals, raw and brutal, but not so low that you cannot distinguish between words. All in all, “Neuthrone” offers something different in the world of black/death metal. And while it isn’t the most amazing album ever created, it does show a lot of potential for the band and the genre and offers a great listen for those that are looking for something different, but still very heavy, and who are willing to give it a chance and won’t just discount it immediately because of its level of “brutality”!
CD includes “Humanmeat Cargo” videoclip and re-recorded 1998 demo track "Black Warriors".
Candlelight Records/Mazzar Records, 2007/2008 (MYST CD 332). Used: like new.

1.Introduction - New Pantheon 04:55
2.Arrival 2033 03:09
3.Neu.Throne.Aeon 04:29
4.Superiors 04:06
5.Hell Earth 02:57
6.Humanmeat Cargo 03:39
7.Outer Empire 04:57
8.Frozen Hope 05:40
9.When The Sun Goes Out... 04:52
Bonus track:
10.Black Warriors 04:51
Total playing time: 43:35 

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