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The tenth full-length studio album by the legendary German Gothic/Industrial Metal band.
Crematory are most successful German Gothic Metal band ever. After more than 15 years of band history and a creative break of 3 years they’ve returned with their comeback-album "Revolution" in 2004, marching back to the Olympus of Gothic Metal music cementing their leading-role in the genre. "Klagebilder" has been the right album that featured the expected amount of smashers with ear-drilling refrains and club-hits to dance to, demonstrating that the hit-factory Crematory was without doubt powered by high voltage.
What should follow this musical "fortress"? Crematory, in their creative and musical zenith? No way! "Gothic Metal" and "back to the roots" were the catchwords targeting the new album production with the title "Pray" – and once more they were fulfilled to the max!
On the musical scale Crematory are burning down indescribable fireworks of "earwig-hits", with fat guitar-riffing being even more aggressive and intense compared to the past. Lyrically – on the vocal side – darkness dominates "Pray" again. Going back to English lyrics, the vocal-splitting between Felix and Matthias, the clash of extremes in deepness and clean-lines, has been maintained.
The keyboard-sounds got a massive face-lifting as well. Crematory didn’t only dig out the earthy sounds of the good old days, but even upgraded them with orchestral arrangements. A way far beyond Techno-samples and digital sound – back to the darkness of the past, with huge string arrangements and choirs that guarantee never-ending gooseflesh attacks.
The production again was taken care of Crematory themselves in the Kohlekeller Studios. A dynamic and massive sound of international standard is guaranteed!
A remarkable top notch album of Crematory!!
Massacre Records/Blistering Records, 2008 (BR01 2). Made in Sweden. Pressed in USA.

1. When Darkness Falls 5:10
2. Left The Ground 4:25
3. Alone 5:47
4. Pray 4:21
5. Sleeping Solution 5:20
6. Just Words 3:41
7. Burning Bridges 4:16
8. Have You Ever 4:53
9. Remember 4:14
10. Say Goodbye 6:12
Total playing time: 48:19 min.


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