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CONQUEST (Ukr) "Frozen Sky" /CD/

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    Band: CONQUEST
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The second full-length album by Ukrainian Power/Speed Metal band.
“Frozen Sky” can best be summed up as a post-Sonata Arctica album, in the sense that it sees Conquest’s style reinterpreted through the keyboard heavy sound, lighter vocal template, along with a few other similar sounding Finnish outfits such as Celesty and Dreamtale. The biggest area where this differs with “Endless Power” is that, in spite of staying pretty close to the same general riffing character and having about as many solos, this album is a lot mellower and ballad rich.
This is a solid slab of Power Metal, especially for a largely lackluster year for the genre in 2005. Anyone who really goes for the Swedish/Finnish approach of keyboard heavy, yet still fast and somewhat riff happy Melodic Metal should go for this!!
Musical Hall, 2005 (MHDCD1). Made in Ukraine. First press.

1. Intro 01:22
2. The Ways of Vice 04:52
3. My Aim 03:25
4. The Road to Nowhere 05:15
5. Flying in the Rain 04:40
6. The Temple of Fear 05:25
7. Don't Tell Me Farewell 04:54
8. Sunset 04:16
9. Before The War 01:31
10. Warbeast 05:27
11. Frozen Sky 04:53
Total playing time: 46:07 min.

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