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CIRITH UNGOL “I’m Alive” /Ltd. 2LP; Live + Poster/

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Limited Edition of the first live album by cult American Heavy/Doom Metal band.
Cirith Ungol was formed in 1971, just one year after Black Sabbath released their self-titled debut kickstarting the genre. Taking influence from Progressive and the Hard Rock, as well as the burgeoning Metal scene along the way, the band formed a powerful sound, one that inspired myriad musicians. Cirith Ungol have always been their own animal with a heady brew of Fantasy-inspired lyrics and gripping Metal. They have a certain niche carved alongside acts like Pagan Altar and Manilla Road - true pioneers of pure and true Heavy Metal.
When the band released their first album, “Frost And Fire”, in 1981, they benefitted from the nascent NWOBHM movement.  As the decade progressed, though, it was as if Metal split into two distinct and opposite directions with the MTV crowd at one end and the other occupied by heavier bands.  After having a difficult relationship with their label, Restless Records, the band split up in 1992. Thankfully, though, they reunited in 2016 and have been hard at work since playing festivals across North America and Europe.
“I’m Alive” was recorded live 27.05.2017 at Up The Hammers Festival, Athens, Greece. At twenty-two tracks, this is an album well worth its price tag. The production is thoroughly live with little to no evidence of any major studio fixes or tricks. Tonally, the guitar is pure, undiluted overdriven Marshall JCM800, the staple of the ‘80s. It is a thick sound with plenty of girth and Metallic rage. The drums are captured with a very lively sound, solid and organic. Tim Baker’s vocals are as lethal as ever as he still rules over the microphone like a despotic ancient warlord from a Robert E. Howard or Michael Moorcock story.  Weatherby’s bass sounds huge. Though not particularly overindulgent, it is an articulate sound with plenty of presence that never gets buried in the mix. Few bands can really pull something like that off without sounding over-busy but Cirith Ungol are veterans, certainly members of the Heavy Metal elite! Cirith Ungol were essentially paving the way for bands like Iced Earth and their collaboration with Todd McFarland on “The Dark Saga”.  Everything about this album speaks to the professional aspect of the band. Because of that vital experience in the business, the band understands well what the fans want and caters to them particularly the die-hards. If you can find this for a decent price on vinyl - buy it!  It is not only a solid investment, but genuine Heavy Metal magic!!
Strictly limited to 200 hand-numbered copies Emerald Green Marbled double vinyl includes giant poster.
Metal Blade Records, 2019 (3984-15672-1). Made in Germany. First press.


Disc 1

Side A
1. Intro 00:55
2. I'm Alive 05:03
3. Join the Legion 04:11
4. Atom Smasher 04:22
5. Edge of a Knife 04:54
6. Blood & Iron 04:03

Side B
7. Black Machine 03:57
8. Frost and Fire 04:35
9. Finger of Scorn 08:00
10. Chaos Descends 04:43
11. Doomed Planet 03:58
Running time: 48:41 min.

Disc 2

Side C
1. Chaos Rising 08:03
2. Fallen Idols 06:10
3. Paradise Lost 06:30

Side D
4. Master of the Pit 06:58
5. King of the Dead 06:47
6. Cirith Ungol 07:22
Running time: 41:50 min.

Total playing time: 90:31 min.


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