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CIRITH UNGOL “Forever Black” /Ltd. GLP + Poster/

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The fifth full-length studio album by cult American Heavy/Doom Metal band.
The band's first studio album since their reunion in 2016, as well their first studio album since “Paradise Lost” in 1991.
Five decades ago, Cirith Ungol came birthed from the bowels of hell. Now, 40 years after the release of their debut record, and 30 years since their last studio effort, the mighty warriors are back. And it is a magical moment after all these years to have a new slab of Old School Metal from these cult heroes.
The band’s debut album, 1981’s "Frost And Fire", is a seminal mix of NWOBHM and early Doom Metal remains a classic, while 1984’s "King Of The Dead" is arguably even better. "Forever Black" fits right in with those two stellar efforts, and definitely ahead of the band’s previous two records, 1986’s "One Foot In Hell" and 1991’s "Paradise Lost", which were no slouches.
"Forever Black" recaptures the early magic of Cirith Ungol. Baker’s banshee wails remain intact, and the band’s songwriting recaptures their unique sound while displaying the maturity of their growth over time. One of the things that always stood out about Cirith Ungol is the quirkiness of its sound and writing style. That still holds true today, and while it may have kept them from mainstream acceptance in the past, that individualist signature makes them all the more likeable. Cirith Ungol’s style and approach to Metal has always been idiosyncratic and nuanced and that is fully on display across the nine tracks on "Forever Black". The album is a faithful representation of the band’s sonic DNA. Baker’s voice has retained its demonic flair and the fretwork from Barazza and Lindstrom recalls the likes of Iommi and Schenker in its depth and originality.
Ultimately, "Forever Black" is a fantastic journey back in time yet equally relevant today. The album has plenty of anthemic highs alongside darkly foreboding moments. It all comes together quite nicely and it not just a gift for long-suffering fans, but also a grand return to form for a tragically overlooked band!
Heavyweight 180-gram black vinyl includes giant poster and download card.
Metal Blade Records, 2020 (3984-15708-1). Made in Germany. First press.


Side A
1. The Call 1:04
2. Legions Arise 3:19
3. The Frost Monstreme 5:15
4. The Fire Divine 3:51
5. Stormbringer 5:58

Side B
6. Fractus Promissum 4:08
7. Nightmare 5:59
8. Before Tomorrow 3:57
9. Forever Black 5:34

Total playing time: 39:05 min.


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