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CHRONOSPHERE “Embracing Oblivion” /CD/

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The second full-length album by Greek Thrash Metal band.
The moment you press play on Chronosphere’s "Embracing Oblivion" you are treated to Thrash Metal at its finest. It’s fast, aggressive and a must for any Thrash metal fan!
Chronosphere began in 2009. Hailing from Athens they have had several line-up changes and currently exist as a talented 4 piece. Given their debut “Envirusment” was a great release as Thrash goes, these guys are now here to prove they are no shooting star. Like most Thrash Metal bands, these guys have pinches of The Big 4 to them with the modern touch that Thrash has had to offer in the past 5 years.
Scorching ultra-sonic riffage greets us right from the start. Tracks such as “Killing My Sins” and “Brutal Decay” have some of the catchiest riffs you heard on any 2014 release. Take a listen to “Frenzied From Within” and you will receive a Mustaine-like solo that just says these guys aren’t mucking around and mean business! Fast killer riffs, frantic guitar solos, great vocals by Spyros supplemented by the rest of the guys in choruses, and furious bone-crushing drums by Thanos. Kinda reminds of older Testament meets Overkill meets Exodus, and all in a good way. ‘Herald The Uprising’ has a "Death Magnetic" sound to it and a slightly more melodic vocal change from the aggressive tone that the majority of the album contains. The final track is an instrumental titled “The Redemption” and it basically shows the full skill from each musician and chops and changes in pace. It is a great way to end an album of which you will enjoy and will enjoy many times more!
Surely not pioneering stuff, which has been done back in the 80’s anyway. Chronosphere pay homage to their heroes, but do that honestly and you can clearly hear it. “Embracing Oblivion” is a hell of an album! And if you're not, who knows, these guys might make you like it!!
Punishment 18 Records, 2014 (P18R 081). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Killing My Sins 3:48
2. One Hand Red Per Saint 3:32
3. Force Fed Truth 5:06
4. Brutal Decay 4:07
5. Frenzied From Inside 3:56
6. Herald The Uprising 5:25
7. City Of The Living Dead 3:53
8. Seize Your Last Chance 4:04
9. Beyond Nemesis 3:56
10. The Redemption 4:02
Total playing time: 41:49


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