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CHASKA “Pururauca” /CD/

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    Band: CHASKA
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First re-release of the debut full-length studio album by Peruvian Dark Folk Metal band.
"Ch'aska" is a Quechua word used by the Incas to name the most shining star in the sky. This word is associated especially with the planet Venus.
The Chaska band could be described as a Folk Metal band, because they mix Heavy music with some Folk elements from Peru. The use of traditional instruments like the charango and zampoña, alongside a hybrid of old school South American Thrash and Death Metal, makes for an intriguing listen and creates a haunting and beautiful atmosphere. 
The album has a natural, raw tone to it, really capturing the Folk and Thrash, without sounding entire digitized or overbearing. "Pururauca" is a solid debut album, and it's one of the most successful albums at incorporating the South American Folk elements!
Xaria Music E.I.R.L., 2009/2016 (XM-0057). Made in Peru. Pressed in Chile.

1. Bicolour Cannibalism 04:12
2. A Flower Brought Me Down 08:24
3. Nightcalls 06:46
4. Nymph of the Lake 06:43
5. Achuma 05:12
6. Pictures 06:36
7. Tuta Ch'aska 04:58
8. Silent Notes of Agony 05:43
9. Katari 03:17
10. Pururauca 14:45
Total playing time: 66:38 min.

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