CEREBRAL TORTURE “Activate Hybrid Project” /CD/

The debut full-length album by Spanish Brutal Death Metal band.
Ultra Brutal gurgling Death Metal from Spain with members from Thirst Of Revenge!
Fans of old Disgorge (US) and Deeds Of Flesh will love this!!
Morbid Generation Records, 2015 (MGR 059). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Global Domination Intro 01:16 
2. Abhorrent Human Life 03:27 
3. Acid Fog 03:43 
4. Restarting the Hippocampus 05:04 
5. The Hybrid 03:49 
6. Becoming Ash 02:58 
7. Returning Where Never We Had Been 03:43 
8. Tunnel Towards the Divine Light 04:02 
9. Neurological Engorgement 04:09 
10. Your Mind Belongs to Me 03:52
Total playing time: 36:08 min.

Samples: https://cerebraltorturespain.bandcamp.com

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