CEASE OF BREEDING “Sounds Of Disembowelment” /CD/

Debut full-length album by Greek Brutal Death Metal band.
This is their first full-length after having fired a few demos and an EP out on the world. Incredibly engaging album, with interesting riffs, great composition and an impressively clear and punchy production. Fast and brutal, a misanthropic manifest continuing the tradition that Severe Torture and Gorgasm started, expanding the sickness of Brutal Death Metal. The fast drumming, the fast guitar riffs the dominant bass and the heavy growls creates a sick and grim atmoshpere, an injection of raw Brutal Death in your ears!
Warning only for extreme people!!
Line-up appers Jan Benkwitz, who has drummed with Belphegor!!!
CD includes OBI.
Amputated Vein Records, 2010 (AVR029). Made in Japan.

1. Death to All and All to Death     02:13 
2. Proud to Be a Mass Murderer     02:43 
3. Nailed     04:36 
4. 5.2 Litres of Blood     02:30 
5. Sounds of Disembowelment     02:42 
6. Expanding the Massacre     04:00 
7. Semen Excorism     02:45 
8. The Sight of Hanged Men Makes My Day     04:47
Total playing time: 26:16

Samples:  http://amputatedveinrecords.bandcamp.com

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