CARNAL GRIEF "Nine Shades of Pain" /CD/

Second full-length album from this Swedish Melodic Death Metal band.
Carnal Grief was started as a straight on melodic death metal band but has since the two record releases evolved into more of a cross-over act with the mix of Heavy Metal and Death Metal with Carcass influenced sound.
Crush Music/GMR Music, 2007 (CMU 61195)

1.Information Feed 05:44
2.Epitaph 05:17
3.Catatonic 03:52
4.Elsewhere 03:16
5.The Perpetual Grey 05:40
6.Chronolies 04:34
7.Tin Winged Angel 03:43
8.A Passion For Hate 03:34
9.Crown Of Might 04:06
10.Charts Of Temporal Diversity 04:17
Total playing time: 44:03

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