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CARNAL FORGE "Testify For My Victims" /CD/

  • CARNAL FORGE "Testify For My Victims" /CD/

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Sixth full length album by the Swedish Thrash Metal/Metalcore band.
Slayer-like aggression mixed with Melodic Swedish Death Metal. For years Carnal Forge specialized in angry and violent, however extremely one dimensional and generic Gothenburg Thrash Metal. They added melodies, hooks, a crushing rhythm section and guitar wizardry. Another strong point, is new vocalist Jens Mortensen. As a vocalist, he has tons of charisma and actually has a face. He possesses a unique voice that really makes the band shine this time around.
What makes this particular album so great, is every band members feeds off the other to construct a concise machine. Case in point, if you removed even one of the elements, this album would lose something to the extent that this album wouldn't be good. Ya, it goes that far. This album is the obvious work of a band working in unison and creating a defining album of their career.
If modern, technical Thrash Metal is your thing, this is one album you won't want to miss! This is a choice for #1 album of 2007 for more fans of genre!!
Candlelight/Mystic Empire, 2007 (MYST CD 274)

1. Testify for My Victims 04:03
2. Burning Eden 04:15
3. Numb (The Dead) 02:52
4. Godsend God's End 04:53
5. End Game 04:13
6. Questions Pertaining the Ownership of My Mind 04:14
7. Freedom by Mutilation 03:48
8. Subhuman 03:49
9. No Longer Bleeding 04:17
10. Biological Waste Matter 03:35
11. Lost Legion 03:01
12. Ante Mori 05:16
Total playing time: 48:16 

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