CALLENISH CIRCLE “Pitch Black Effects” /CD/

The fifth and the final full-length album by the cult Dutch oldschool Melodic Death Metal band.
This is definitely going to be a polarizing album. A long-running band has changed their sound a little bit and a lot of Metal fans don't like their bands to change.
The major change from previous albums is the addition of synths. There are both melodic keyboard parts and some odd electronic sounds inserted into some of the tracks. The songs also seem to be catchier and more groove oriented than their past albums. There is a lot of diversity and even a song with a female guest vocalist and German lyrics.
Callenish Circle have not abandoned their Melodic Death Metal, they've just added some elements to it. The music is still heavy and thrashy with multiple tempo changes. The vocals are Death Metal style, but using both high pitched and low pitched growls adds even more diversity to their sound.
Pushing boundaries and testing one's musical limits can be difficult, but in Callenish Circle's case it worked really really well and was worth the risk!!
Metal Blade Records, 2005 (3984-14556-2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. This Day You Regret 04:32
2. Ignorant 04:20
3. Behind Lines 03:36
4. Schwarzes Licht 04:51
5. Sweet Cyanide 04:31
6. Blind 04:52
7. Guess Again 04:01
8. Self-Inflicted 05:50
9. As You Speak 04:09
10. Pitch Black 02:40
Total playing time: 43:22

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