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BULLET "Bite The Bullet" /CD/

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    Band: BULLET
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The second full-length album by Swedish Heavy Metal band.
Bullet is on the front line of a growing movement in Metal, that is, younger bands playing a style of Metal more commonly associated with the early 80's and NWOBHM, in particular. Obviously, the untrained ear will call these guys an AC/DC rip-off, but given the actual composition of Bullet's tunes on this effort, your sneaking suspicion would be that these guys are much bigger fans of Accept than AC/DC.
Riff-wise, this album is similar to something you might hear on Judas Priest's early-to-mid-80's output. The instrumental track about halfway through, "City of Sins", is a sort of spiritual successor to "The Hellion / Electric Eye". This album wasn't just thrown together, either. These riffs work well together, and the choruses have an infectious quality that is, of course, similar to the band's main inspirations, even if the guitar work is nowhere near, say, Wolf Hoffmann's. Even so, the songwriting is unmistakably top-notch and the album flows very well from track to track. No ballads to be found, here, just solid 80's Metal with strong, catchy hooks. The early half is dominated by the album's title track as well as the first single, "Dusk til Dawn". The second half seems to leave the best for last, as "The Rebels Return" is an absolute Heavy Metal anthem with a great mood and build-up. 
The band also shows their appreciation for Accept's proto-Speed Metal on the song "Rock Us Tonight", which wouldn't be at all out of place on, say, the "Breaker" or "Restless & Wild" albums. These guys may more often be compared to AC/DC, but that's really more due to the ignorance of people who have been more exposed to them than some of the NWOBHM that Bullet is clearly strongly influenced by.
All in all, this album is a strong top-to-bottom effort, with very little filler and a consistently catchy songwriting approach. If you agree that modern Metal is weak, pick it up!!
Black Lodge Records, 2008 (BLOD046CD). Please note: although the CD is new and has never been played there are light visual shabby on the disc surface (happened during transit) that will not affect the sound quality.

1. Pay The Price 4:18 
2. Roadking 5:01 
3. Bite The Bullet 2:43 
4. Dusk Til Dawn 3:46 
5. Nailed To The Ground 3:04 
6. City Of Sins 1:16 
7. Waste My Time 3:37 
8. Rock N Roll Remedy 4:50 
9. Rock Us Tonight 3:05 
10. Wheels Keep On Turning 4:19 
11. The Rebels Return 5:35
Total playing time: 41:34


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