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BRUTAL TRUTH “Need To Control” /CD/

  • BRUTAL TRUTH “Need To Control” /CD/

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The second full-length album by the legendary American Grindcore/Death Metal band.
A classic album from Brutal Truth. Originally released by Earache Records in 1994, "Need To Control" is a seminal album of barely controlled chaos. Besides being an all out blast, "Need To Control" also features plenty of slow, exceedingly heavy moments that, undoubtedly, influenced plenty of future chaotic Grindcore bands, such as Cephalic Carnage.
While Grindcore fanatics might downgrade this album a bit for its polished aesthetic, one cannot argue the ingenuity and true creative spirit of "Need To Control". Brutal Truth, being a very unique band, incorporate elements from several different genres, including Death Metal, Hardcore, Punk and Noise; the music on this album is not so easily and debatably classified as Grindcore/Metal with somewhat of a Hardcore-ish feel.
Brutal Truth began as extreme Grindcore, and created that well, but with this release have added innumerable gifts to the genre. Instead of being flat, basic, straightforward music, this is tonal and dynamic music, played with all of the ferocity and Punkdom of the earlier material, and perhaps more, in that it has shed the elements of bad Metal (predictability, reliance on blast beats) in favor of a more encompassing approach. This album is more Punk, in both feel and tonality, than the last one but it hasn't lost the spirit of Grindcore, of loving messy, simple, brutal music. The songs are still short, and there are some well-done noise tracks which complement the music rather than separate songs. The overall speed is not as consistently high, nor is it as fast, but speed is used where needed with great alacrity and precision.
Brutal Truth are one of the few bands that can lash out from a controlled, pounding guitar riff to a spastic free-for-all while still displaying precision and without sounding contrived. Kevin Sharp's powerful growls and nutty yelps complement the other members' obvious expertise greatly. A must-have for anyone interested in the genre(s)!!
Earache Records, 1994 (MOSH 110CD). Made in UK.

1. Collapse     5:02 
2. Black Door Mine     1:41 
3. Turn Face     1:29 
4. Godplayer     4:06 
5. I See Red     2:49 
6. Ironlung     4:21 
7. Bite The Hand     2:06 
8. Ordinary Madness     5:04 
9. Media Blitz     (cover The Germs)  0:55 
10. Judgement     2:34 
11. Brain Trust     2:43 
12. Choice Of A New Generation     1:58 
13. Mainliner     2:18 
14. Displacement     4:15 
15. Crawlspace     1:35
Total playing time: 42:56


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