BLOODROCK "Bloodrock 3" /LP/

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Used (cover/disc): VG/VG.

The third full-length album by American Hard Rock band.
On their third album, Bloodrock makes a full return to the ominous Hard-Rocking sound that made their debut album such a solid release. "Bloodrock 3" also plays up the Progressive edge to the band's sound that was only hinted at on previous songs like "Melvin Laid an Egg" and "D.O.A.". For instance, the album opener, "Jessica", boasts some instrumental breaks that throw out surprisingly intricate riffs at breakneck speed. "Breach of Lease" is another Prog-ish cut that runs for nine minutes, but manages to avoid wearing out its welcome through a carefully crafted arrangement that alternates eerie, quiet organ-led verses with a pulse-pounding chorus.
The lyrics are a bit simplistic but are straightforward enough to get the point across and further benefit from being backed by energetic, well-arranged music.
"Bloodrock 3" is an effective Hard Rock album that boasts tight arrangements and a spirited performance by the band. It's not for the casual listener, but anyone who enjoyed "D.O.A." will probably enjoy this album.
70s American Hard Rock! Classic sound in for fans of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin!!
Thunderthud Music, Inc./Capitol Records/EMI, 1971 (ST-765). Made in USA. First press. Used (cover/disc): VG/VG.


Side 1
1. Jessica 04:40
2. Whiskey Vengeance 04:12
3. Song For A Brother 05:15
4. You Gotta Roll 05:05

Side 2
5. Breach Of Lease 09:05
6. Kool-Aid-Kids 06:12
7. A Certain Kind 04:12
8. America, America 01:20

Total playing time: 40:01 min.

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