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The third full-length album by the Armenian Christian Symphonic Black Metal band.
"Sign Of Time" is one of those albums that has high points and low points but does have moments of brilliance and showcases a band with a lot of promise.
On the whole, the one aspect that surprised is the abundance of the orchestral/symphonic parts. Throughout the album, the Metal instruments, the guitars and drums, seem to be pushed to the back with the keyboards and symphonic elements dominating the mix. Some of the vocal parts really caught off guard as well. They features a section where the chorus is higher-pitched clean signing that reminds of 1980’s King Diamond. Likewise, the song "Faithful" has high pitched Death Metal style vocals most akin to shrieking that didn’t appear anywhere else on the album. In contrast, "Unseen War" shows more of the Black Metal side of Blood Covenant with its driving beat, galloping drum lines, strong guitars, choir-like choruses and intimidating spoken sections.
Overall, this is good album and it's recommended for all fans of Black and Folk Metal!
Darknagar Records, 2011 (DNR 010). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Intro 01:27
2. Sign of Time 05:55
3. Unseen War 04:36
4. The Call 02:36
5. The Funeral of the Dark Kingdom 03:42
6. Fall Babylon 04:52
7. Hayr Mer 04:21
8. At the Cross 03:53
9. Corruptible Reflection of Reality 05:17
10. Golgotha 03:10
11. Metanoia 03:56
Bonus Track:
12. Faithful 03:54
Total playing time: 47:39

Samples: http://www.last.f

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