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BLIND FURY (ex- SATAN, UK) "Out Of Reach" /CD/

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Fourth re-release of the debut and only full-length album by the cult British Heavy Metal band.
In addition, it’s can be considered as second full-length by Satan (UK). NWOBHM band Blind Fury was formed in London by members of Angel Witch, including Kevin Heybourne, and vocalist Lou Taylor. This line-up recorded their first demo before dissolving. At this point, Lou Taylor joined Satan, replacing Brian Ross. Satan were planning to change their name to avoid being associated with more extreme metal bands like Venom and in the end became Blind Fury, recording a lone LP under this name before parting ways with Lou Taylor and becoming Satan again. The demo and the album were essentially recorded by two different bands using the same name.
Curiously, the band's lingering, unresolved creative ambivalence over whether to pursue full-on Metallic glory or mainstream acceptance was also reflected in "Out Of Reach"'s conflicting songwriting styles, generally resulting in two divergent schools of thought. On the one hand, songs like "Do It Loud", "Contact Rock and Roll", and even the rather silly "Dynamo" suggested that the band was angling for recognition within Melodic Heavy Rock circles, by formulating songs of compact length, safe arrangements, and anthemic choruses that were easy to remember. On the other hand, six- and seven-minute extrapolations like the title track and the Queensrÿche-ish "Dance of the Crimson Lady, Pt. 1" digressed into Epic Metal via dramatic intros, synthesizer-enhancements, and in the latter's case, lyrics about mystical lands of fantasy that were hardly fit for the Top 40. And the seemingly Iron Maiden-aspiring "Evil Eyes" took it yet another step beyond, assigning its verses to three different characters to spew its overwrought tale. Unfortunately, neither extremity felt realized to its fullest potential, managed only to cancel out the other in the end, and consigned Blind Fury to the middle-of-the-pack qualification that its members had repeatedly struggled to escape from. Obviously they knew it, too, since all but Taylor would soon revert to calling themselves Satan by 1987 - for better or worse - and giving that franchise another shot.
A cult classic bringing a truly powerful dose of prime Heavy Metal! Satan has been never better than here and they had never a better singer as on "Out Of Reach". Have fun with searching for it because this piece is ultra-rare!!
Roadrunner Records/Metal Mind Productions, 1985/2009 (MASS CD 1252 DG). First remastered re-release. Used: good.

1. Do It Loud 5:05 
2. Out Of Reach 6:32 
3. Evil Eyes 6:03 
4. Contact Rock And Roll 3:56 
5. Living On The Edge 5:19 
6. Dynamo (There Is A Place...) 3:06 
7. Back Inside 5:31 
8. Dance Of The Crimson Lady, Pt.1 7:27
Total playing time: 42:59

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