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BLASART "The Art of Blasphemy" /CD/

  • BLASART "The Art of Blasphemy" /CD/

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    Band: BLASART
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Debut full-length album by Chilean Black Metal band.
One of the most fucking evil Metal Beasts from the South American lands!!!...
Devastating and fast old School Death/Black Metal with a violent dose of technic and brutality... guaranteed to make your blood boil if you are a fan of extreme Metal!!
Concreto Records, 2009 (CDCR29)

1.Celebration For Supreme Ritual Of Fire 00:27
2.Bastards Sons Of Jehovah 02:25
3.Antichristian Schizophrenia 02:36
4.Under The Light Of Hesperus 02:54
5.The Art Of Blasphemy 02:56
6.King Of The Evil Wind Demons 01:05
7.Pazuzu...Your Smell Is Our Revenge 02:21
8.Riding On The Sperm Of Fire 03:19
9.Perfect Formula From Hell 03:43
10.Roman March 01:19
11.War Of Lava And Fire 03:43

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