BLACKMORE'S NIGHT "Secret Voyage" /CD/

Seventh full-length album by UK Folk Rock band of legendary ex-member of Deep Purple, Rainbow… etc.  and his beauty wife.
Album has 12 new tracks recorded by Candice Night, Ritchie Blackmore and orchestra Minstrels.
CD includes three cover versions: “Can't Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley, “Rainbow Eyes” by Rainbow and Russian folk song "Toast To Tomorrow", plus bonus video.
The album reached number 1 in the Billboard USA charts and stayed there four weeks!!
Steamhammer, 2008 (SPV 91782 CD-E). Made in Germany. First press.

1.God Save The Keg 03:40
2.Locked Within The Crystal Ball 08:04
3.Gilded Cage 03:42
4.Toast To Tomorrow 03:49
5.Prince Waldecks Galliard 02:13
6.Rainbow Eyes 06:01
7.The Circle 04:48
8.Sister Gypsy 03:21
9.Can't Help Falling In Love 02:51
10.Peasants Promise 05:33
11.Far Far Away 03:54
12.Empty Words 02:42
Bonus Video:
Village Lanterne
Total playing time: 50:38

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