BEYOND THE GRAVE “The Terror Beyond” /CD/

Debut full-length album by Brazilian Speed/Thrash Metal band.
This evil Thrash Metal band from Sao Paulo presents 47 minutes of furious and quick as hell Thrash Metal!
CD includes hidden track with Destruction cover!!
For fans of: Slayer, Sacred Reich, Exumer and Sodom!!!
Kill Again Records, 2011 (KA 042). Made in Brazil. First press.

1. The Silence of the Defeat     04:01 
2. TheWound Still Bleed     03:06 
3. Speech of An Assyrian King     03:42 
4. Shadow Killer     03:30 
5. The Terror Beyond     03:22 
6. Conflict Zone     05:14 
7. Inquisition     04:42 
8. Hall of the Corpses     02:11 
9. Open the Gates of Chaos     05:27 
10. Bloody Reign     10:47
10. Bloody Reign  5:50
11. Curse The Gods (Destruction cover) /Hidden track/
Total playing time: 46:02

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