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BEHEMOTH “Demigod” /CD/

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The seventh full-length studio album by legendary Polish Black/Death Metal band.
"Demigod" is one of the heaviest albums of the band. The production on this release is crystal clear, which means that we get to hear everything perfectly. This adds to the sheer immensity of the album.
The drum work of Inferno is unbelievably fast in songs like "Demigod" and the mighty "Slaves Shall Serve". The guitar riffs are intense and furious with "The Nephilim Rising" standing out. The opening riff to this song sounds like it was created in the fires of hell and it is one of the stand out songs on the album. The vocals garnered mixed reception upon the album's release. Nergal's layered growls polarized fans with some taking a strong dislike. Do not listen to these critics. This effect makes the vocals sound more demonic, unnerving, and appropriate to the music. "Towards Babylon" is the most brutal track on the album and this is mainly due to the vocals. Nergal sounds like he is commanding you to bow down before him with his hellish growls. The blast beats and guitar riffs make this song a formidable listen, and a clean pair of pants is needed after this one. The technicality of the guitars is mainly showcased in "Xul", a beast of a track that features a guest appearance from Karl Sanders (Nile), a genius in complexity. 
There are some interesting instruments on this record, such as a horn at the start of the title track. Although most of the album is more about overall heaviness than atmospherics, there are some brilliant little moments of experimenting. Some eerie ambiance at the end of the final track closes the album perfectly.
Production-wise, "Demigod" is probably about as heavy as it gets. Pristine, intense, and intimidating, it truly is a force to be reckoned with! Virgin listeners beware!!
Regain Records, 2004 (RR 048). Made in Sweden. Pressed in Czech.

1. Sculpting the Throne ov Seth 04:41 
2. Demigod 03:31 
3. Conquer All 03:30 
4. The Nephilim Rising 04:21 
5. Towards Babylon 03:22 
6. Before the Æons Came 02:58 
7. Mysterium Coniunctionis (Hermanubis) 03:41 
8. XUL 03:11 
9. Slaves Shall Serve 03:05 
10. The Reign ov Shemsu-Hor 08:27
Total playing time: 40:47 min.

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