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BEAST IN BLACK “Dark Connection” /2LP/

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The third full-length studio album by Finnish Heavy/Power/Speed Metal band.
Beast In Black are often lumped into the Power Metal genre, but the band's sound is hard to pin down. Certainly, they do have a strong Power Metal vibe. But 80s Glam Metal is obviously a part of their sound, along with Synth Pop. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what genre they are because this album is so god-damn catchy, bold, and fun. It has the uncanny ability to hit hard while also having a unique sound that doesn't really care what people think—the band obviously knows who they are and had as much fun creating this album as we're listening to it.
Unlike the previous album "From Hell With Love", which was great but had a couple less than solid tracks, every track here is solid.  The production and mix is as clear and open as expected, similar to how their first two albums sound.
With "Dark Connections", Beast In Black cement their style and show the word they aren't going anywhere. They also wrote an album filled with songs that won't leave your head for days, and we can't wait to hear more.
If you're into Melodic and Atmospheric Heavy Metal with an insanely catchy twist, this is the album you're looking for! There's no other creature like this walking the earth. None other bears these sharp-edged riffs or piercing choruses. Not with these epic sci-fi, fantasy and cyberpunk stories to tell. Beast In Black is a wholly unique form of Heavy Metal evolution!!
Double Black Vinyl  in Gatefold Cover.
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2021 (NB62071). Made in Germany. First press.


Side A
1. Blade Runner 4:08
2. Bella Donna 3:52
3. Highway To Mars 5:13
Side B
4. Hardcore 3:34
5. One Night In Tokyo 3:07
6. Moonlight Rendezvous 5:38
Running time: 25:32 min.

Side C
1. Revengeance Machine 4:09
2. Dark New World 3:57
3. To The Last Drop Of Blood 3:55
Side D
4. Broken Survivors 4:25
5. My Dystopia 5:51
Bonus Tracks
6. Battle Hymn (Manowar cover) 6:54
7. They Don't Care About Us (Michael Jackson cover) 4:32
Running time: 33:43 min.

Total playing time: 59:15 min.

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