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BEAST IN BLACK “Berserker” /CD/

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The debut full-length studio album by Finnish Heavy/Power/Speed Metal band.
Beast In Black is a Finnish-Greek-Hungarian band that was founded in 2015 in Helsinki by guitarist and songwriter Anton Kabanen, the former songwriter and ex-guitarist of Battle Beast. Like Battle Beast, the band's name is a tribute to the Japanese manga and anime series Berserk.
“Berserker” has a very obvious Power Metal sound, but it also wouldn’t be fair to say that’s all it brings to the table.  Within the ten tracks, your ears will hear a fine-tuned band that also adds in Classic Metal elements and even some non-Metal sounds; they play their music with such fervour and conviction that everything thrown into your ears is going to have honest, raw, emotional power to it. Yannis Popadopoulos was the right person to front this band — his expressive vocals are exciting and contain some of the best range you’ve heard in some time.  
The guitar riffs uses steady gallops, and traditional Classic Metal riffs than they do speed like some other Power Metal bands. It works better this way, as Anton and Kasperio Heikkinen are able to play full force while also keeping the songs grounded firmly into “pulverize your face,” area. Anton knows when to break down the walls and when to hang back a bit, to allow the other elements/instruments to shine. All too often, bands with “one main guy” tend to be nothing more than musical masturbation and too much show off time for one guy, but Anton brings the band together as a team. Together this team, this band called Beast In Black, have crafted one of the best Power/Classic Heavy Metal bliss albums you have heard! If you like this style at all, then you need this in your collection!!
"Berserker" ranked seventh on Finnish charts albums. It's also charted in Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland and France.
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2017 (27361 42152 | NB 4215-2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Beast In Black 4:28
2. Blind And Frozen 5:03
3. Blood Of A Lion 5:02
4. Born Again 3:50
5. Zodd The Immortal 3:34
6. The Fifth Angel 3:29
7. Crazy, Mad, Insane 3:29
8. Eternal Fire 3:33
9. End Of The World 5:09
10. Ghost In The Rain 5:34
Total playing time: 43:11 min.


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