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BAL-SAGOTH "The Chthonic Chronicles" /CD/

  • BAL-SAGOTH "The Chthonic Chronicles" /CD/

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Sixth full-length album by British Symphonic/Epic Black Metal band.
The latest and one of the best albums in the band's career. In "The Chthonic Chronicles" is all that the fans like Bal-Sagoth: the epic, the variety of vocals, symphonic keyboard arrangements, Furious Black Metal and a very difficult concept.
Nuclear Blast, 2006 (NB1048-2) Made in Germany.

1.The Sixth Adulation of His Chthonic Majesty 04:20
2.Invocations Beyond the Outer-World Night 05:26
3.Six Score and Ten Oblations to a Malefic Avatar 06:08
4.The Obsidian Crown Unbound 05:58
5.The Fallen Kingdoms of the Abyssal Plain 04:38
6.Shackled to the Trilithon of Kutulu 04:02
7.The Hammer of the Emperor 06:58
8.Unfettering the Hoary Sentinels of Karnak 04:22
9.To Storm the Cyclopean Gates of Byzantium 04:57
10.Arcana Antediluvia 05:07
11.Beneath the Crimson Vaults of Cydonia 05:15
12.Return to Hatheg-Kla 03:28

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