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AYPHEROS “Ascendet Novissima Tua” /CD/

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    Band: AYPHEROS
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Debut full-length album by the Chilean Black/Death Metal band.
Gigantic sounding Black/Death Metal from South America. The perfect mix of Cold Norwegian Black a la Immortal and in your face true Death Metal a la Zyklon or Morbid Angel with a little barbaric je ne sais quoi akin to most South American Metal bands!!!
With his riffs oriented madness, tight blasts and superb vocal patterns, Aypheros is not reinventing the wheel but still takes his craft seriously and his a definitive kick in the ass for every Black/Death Metal enthusiasts spitting fire and praying to the old gods.
This is pure and genuine darkness puts to disc! Rest assured - you are going to hell with this dark masterpiece!! No doubts!!!
PRC Music, 2014 (PRC24). Made in Canada. First press.

1. Shamhamphorash 04:58
2. Occult Manifesto 03:35
3. Ascension to Kether 04:10
4. When the Dark Sea Stirs 04:41
5. Odium Prophetae 03:37
6. Taba'et (Misterium Mysteriorum) 05:17
7. Pert Em Hru 05:34
8. To the Void and Transgression 03:16
Total playing time: 35:08


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