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AVENGER “The Slaughter Never Stops” /Ltd. GLP/

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    Band: AVENGER
    Country: United Kingdom
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For the first time on vinyl, the third full-length studio album by cult British Heavy Metal band.
The band’s third full-length celebrates the 30th anniversary of its iconic debut. Avenger are New Wave of British Heavy Metal band from Newcastle, released two albums in the 1980s before splitting up. Both albums showcased the band’s musical abilities, although to these ears, “Blood Sport” was a bit patchy – there were some real gems on the album, yet there were also some moments where the band struggled to gel. “Killer Elite” on the other hand was the moment where everything clicked and should have propelled them alongside the likes of Judas Priest, Ozzy, Saxon, Motörhead and Iron Maiden. Sadly, that was not to be, as despite touring the UK and Europe, the band’s record label was unable to give the band the support they needed and in 1985, the band members decided that it was best that they call it a day.
In 2002, Sanctuary Records re-released Avenger’s mid-80’s albums and the following year, Frontline Rock, a Brazilian label, released both of the band’s albums in Latin America. In 2005, Mick Moore, Gary Young and Ian Swift decided that there was unfinished business and recruited guitarists Liam Thompson and Glenn Howes. Avenger rose from the ashes, breathed again and began assaulting stages around the UK and Europe.
Two years later, Mick Moore left the band, and Huw Holding took over for two years and then Ian “Fuzz” Fulton took over bass duties. In 2007, they changed their name to Avenger UK. According to the statement sent to the press by Ian Swift: "This is due to confusion over the number of the several other European 'Avengers' and also because of conflict over the band’s name with former bass player Mick Moore".
Their 2014 comeback album "The Slaughter Never Stops" doesn't sound much different from their previous works. The material, instead, remains flat as ever, though this time the production is decent. The band has managed to retain its old school roots by capturing the energy it displayed in the mid-eighties. Similarities to Judas Priest, Raven and especially Iron Maiden’s first two albums is very evident, and the band’s cover version of "Killers" is a fitting tribute. They also utilize some tasty harmonized guitar leads that many of the traditional heavy metal bands pulled off back in the day. Vocalist Ian Swift shares some similarities to original Maiden vocalist Paul Di’Anno, but he is also capable of hitting those ridiculous John Gallagher high notes.
"The Slaughter Never Stops" is not setting any new precedents within the genre, but this is some well-played traditional Heavy Metal, that definitely captures the early- to mid-eighties sound well. Musically, this album is one of the best British Metal albums for a long time. Avenger truly has come home to prove they are arguably the best in Heavy Metal and are here to stay and slay!
Limited Edition Red Transparent Vinyl.
No Survivors Ltd./Back On Black, 2014/2018 (BOBV557LP). Made in UK. First press.


Side A
1. Mace Imperial 01:21
2. Race Against Time 03:25
3. Fate 03:37
4. Fields of the Burnt 04:24
5. Into the Nexus 04:08
6. Decimated 04:22

Side B
7. In Arcadia Go! 03:51
8. Flayer Psychosis 07:08
9. Shot to Hell 03:31
10. Midnight Mass Destruction 05:23

Total playing time: 41:10 min.


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