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AUTUMN VERSES “Tunes Of Disconsolation” /CD/

  • AUTUMN VERSES “Tunes Of Disconsolation” /CD/

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Debut and only full-length album by the Finnish Melodic Black/Death Metal band.
Autumn Verses hail from Norway and fall into the Black/Viking Metal category. The band beautifully blends several Blackened styles with its own Darkened Metal tendencies to create a violent, gorgeous palette of sound. Near the album's beginning, the major Black Metal influences stay within the Symphonic realm (i.e., Emperor and Dimmu Borgir, only slower), but as the album progressed, so did the sound, toward Viking Metal. One begins to hear that slow, strange, relaxed, in the midst of battle feeling that Enslaved has perfected. "There Upon Sanctimonious" and the extraordinary "Through the Fields of Disease" employ crushing Viking chants which echo throughout the listener's ear.
Recorded in September 1997 at Tico-Tico Studio and mastered at Finnvox Studio, this is true original Black Metal at its finest. The keyboards and acoustic passages keep a perfect balance with the fast, brutal guitar parts, making this one of the most interesting and eclectic Black Metal releases of the late '90s. Not only is this their debut, but it contains music going all the way back to 1992.
The band changed their name in 2000, because of difficulties with their former label Solistitium Records.
This is very rare CD and Musthave for every Black Metal collector!!
Solistitium Records, 1997 (SOL 021). Made in Germany. Pressed in Netherlands. First press.

1. The Uncreation     4:42 
2. Dark Harbours     3:47 
3. As Amongst Them Wolves     5:16 
4. Thereupon Sanctimonius     5:27 
5. Through The Fields Of Disease     4:05 
6. Harvest Moon Shades     7:08 
7. The October Land     3:48 
8. Autumn Verses     5:56
Total playing time: 40:09

Samples:  http://www.lastfm

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