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ATOMKRAFT “Future Warriors” /GLP/

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First re-release of the debut full-length studio album by cult British Heavy Metal band.
Atomkraft is a band best known for its bassist/vocalist Tony Dolan, who went on to replace Cronos and front Venom for a few albums in the 80s. If you've heard "Future Warriors" or either of the band's EPs, you can understand why the man was the natural choice. Atomkraft sounds very similar to Venom, although, conceptually, their lyrics don't dabble in the occult so much as science fiction or observations on our world. And this band's output was quite uniformly enjoyable. It isn't as slovenly or raw as a "Black Metal" or "Welcome To Hell", but it's still oppressive with its thundering, distorted bass-lines and reverberous production.
Atomkraft are a class act, and this album holds up fairly well if you're accustomed to the production of deep 80s Thrash/Speed Metal efforts. Recommended for fans of old Venom, Razor, Exciter or Indestroy! 
Gatefold Red Transparent Vinyl.
Sanctuary Records/Back On Black, 1985/2019 (BOBV658LP). Made in UK. 


Side One
1. Future Warriors 4:20
2. Starchild 5:40
3. Dead Mans Hand 3:18
4. Total Metal 4:52
5. Pour The Metal In 2:35

Side Two
6. Death Valley/ This Planets Burning 4:35
7. Warzone 4:34
8. Burn In Hell 3:17
9. Heat And Pain 3:30

Total playing time: 36:41 min.

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