ATOLL NERAT "Two Pipes To Heaven" /CD/

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Re-release of the second full-length album by Russian Gothic Black Metal band, originally released by Irond Records in 2006.
Eastern Slavonic Melodic Black Metal which features Folk along with the Gothic elements speaks in mother tongue, and in one way or another reaches back to Slavonic folk traditions. The atmosphere is basically dark, but not „misanthropic” in the way true Black Metal usually is. Marching, Heavy Metallish themes make their appearance frequently, and the neoclassical/romantic synth tunes are also almost inevitable. The high-pitched screeching vocals are also close to being obligatory; and as usual, they don’t disappoint. Slavonic languages in general square very well with this sort of Black Metal. The produiction is acceptable although far from being ideal. The rythm guitars sound too punkish and the drums are pretty lifeless.
Recommended for fans of Nokturnal Mortum.
More Hate Productions, 2006/2009 (MHP 09 - 057). Made in Russia.

1.Raven 03:38
2.Fall (Dream. Trip 1) 06:38
3.Hau!!! (Birds) 06:59
4.Witch (Part 3) (Bishop's Death) 05:36
5.Two Pipes to Heaven 06:10
6.Winter (Dream. Trip 2) 06:05

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