ASTAROT "Raw Sensation of Nostalgia and Nihilistic" /CD/

Debut full-length album by Mexican Black Metal/Ambient one man band.
This is an all instrumental album. More than 70 minutes of Atmospheric & Depressive Black Metal. Nostalgia, melancholy, nature and astral themes are the main theme of inspiration of the album.
For fans of bands such as: Xasthur, Abyssic Hate, Coldworld, Fear of Eternity, Nocturnal Depression, Lord Agheros, Heretoir, Morose, ChaosWolf...etc.This is a soundtrack to your next suicide attempt!
Metallic Media, 2012 (Metallic 005). Made in USA.

1. Astral Trial 10:23
2. Tumba de ebano (Bosque de los lamentos) 06:36
3. Abstract of Dark Clouds 04:21
4. Astarot 05:27
5. The Emptiness from Melancholy... 07:01
6. Cuervos en mi funeral 06:23
7. Nebular Eon 07:05
8. Preludio 02:57
9. Aster 07:29
10. Humo y niebla 07:24
11. In the Abyss... 08:01
Bonus track:
12. The Emptiness from Melancholy...(First Recording from 2009) 04:07
Total playing time: 77:14

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