APOLION “Death Grows Into Sperm” /CD/

Grim, raging, harsh, powerful yet decadent Black Metal from Italy. Finally available the new full-length. A concept release laughing about the pathetic world of humans. No compromises just bleak, hateful sardonic Black Metal for fans of Darkthrone, Armagedda, Pest, Craft, Tsjuder, Khold and Grim!
Bylek-tum, 2010 (BTP-CD002)

1.Glint of Creation (Part 1) 09:05
2.Glint of Creation (Part 2) 06:42
3.Death Grows into Sperm 07:40
4.Inverted King 04:54
5.Life's Remains 03:07
6.The Epitaph of Illusions (Part 1) 08:13
7.The Epitaph of Illusions (Part 2) 06:40
Total playing time: 46:21

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