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ANIMAL “900 Lb. Steam” /CD/

  • ANIMAL “900 Lb. Steam” /CD/

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    Band: ANIMAL
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The debut full-length studio album by American Heavy Metal band.
The band of W.A.S.P. former guitarist Randy Piper. It was in 1988 that the idea for Animal first crawled to the surface, then for one reason or another, nothing ever became of it.
Of course, the band's name comes off the most controversial 80s Metal song issued. "Animal (F**k Like A Beast)" marked W.A.S.P.'s risky (and eventually successful) affair with fame and fortune. Now, the title steps in for this newly formed act driven by ex-W.A.S.P. guitarist, credited in the Shock' Rock masters' first two colossal albums, "W.A.S.P." (1984) and "The Last Command" (1985).
One consolation at least for Randy, his leaving came at the right time as W.A.S.P. went on to create the weakest album of their prime, and have never really rivalled the intensity of the two guitar attack, in spite of Lawless' taking over. Now here's the irony of it all. Not only does he emerge from relative obscurity that even went so far as to include a rumour of his death a few years ago, but no, not only does Piper come back, he's brought two old W.A.S.P. buddies with him for what is essentially the blood and guts core group of their early '80s heyday.
So instantaneously, through Animal, W.A.S.P. fans from the very beginning have what they've been waiting for, with the one notable exception of course. This record smashes and scatters the remains of today's tough guy acts. Some good riffing here and there, some interesting leads and - overall - the same-titled tune itself are the 'pros' of Animal's debut creation. "900 Lb. Steam" sees another target group needed for Randy Piper. This is clear. If you're not that bored after the music over, maybe it's this style you like from now on!
Perris Records, 2002 (PER 01222). Made in USA.

1. 900 Lb. Steam 4:06
2. Pissed Off 3:57
3. Dog Food 5:04
4. Never 5:37
5. Another Victim 6:05
6. Feeling Nowhere 5:10
7. Medicine Man 6:02
8. Talk Too Much 4:52
9. Hunting Season 3:55
Total playing time: 44:50 min.

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