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  • ANCESTRAL VOLKHVES "Perun Do Vas!!!" /CD/

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Second full-length album by Slovakian Pagan Folk Black Metal band.
Line-up featuring special guest: Masha "Scream" Arhipova (АРКОNА) on clean vocals!! But don't think that Masha is the only reason you should check out this album. If you're a fan of solid, melodic riffs, you'll find them in abundance here. The band doesn't use keyboards at all, but the music is still very epic because of the riffs.
Is a pretty solid album throughout, and if you like black metal but aren't afraid of occasional clean vocals and some minor folk influence, or if you like pagan metal but aren't afraid of some fierce black metal, you may want to add this one to your collection!! Each song sounds like it belongs. This is very good stuff!!!
Sound Age Productions, 2008 (SAPCD 175)

1.A Ruiny Prehovoria, Ke? St?chne ?as... 05:12
2.N?? Raj Je V Tieni Me?a 03:43
3.Perun Do Vas!!! 04:04
4.Dc?ra Noci 04:59
5.Nezasinaj Beskide V Nav' 04:47
6.Ruba?a 03:31
7.Slavorozhdenje 07:50
8.Ku Hviezdam Vol? Srdce 04:00
9.My Slavjane!!! 05:19
10.Ich Do Tmy 04:35
Total playing time: 48:00

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