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ANATA "Under A Stone With No Inscription" /CD/

  • ANATA "Under A Stone With No Inscription" /CD/

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    Band: ANATA
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Third full-length album by the Swedish Technical Death Metal band.
Anata has always been something unique and awesome, and with “Under a Stone With No Inscription”, they just get better. This is a Technical Death Metal album, featuring a whole boat load of time signatures, tricky and complex riffs, with some fairly off timing drumming. Sounds a lot like other bands on paper but it really isn't, this album is especially awesome. Killer brutal and thoughtful material, excellent performances and stellar production, one can't stress enough how exceptional the production is. Every instrument sounds perfect in the mix. The guitars are loud and winding, the vocals are just the right volume, and the drum sound is excellent. There are no wasted tracks, no wasted lines, no wasted riffs and no silly interludes. This is heavy! This is Metal! This is class! This is talent!
Wecked World/Earache Records/Soyuz, 2004 (WICK 15CD). Made in Russia.

1. Shackled to Guilt 03:48
2. A Problem Yet to Be Solved 03:47
3. Entropy Within 04:05
4. Dance to the Song of Apathy 04:39
5. Sewerages of the Mind 04:30
6. Built on Sand 03:20
7. Under the Debris 05:56
8. The Drowning 03:56
9. Leaving the Spirit Behind 03:44
10. Any Kind of Magic or Miracle 07:06
Total playing time: 44:51

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