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AMON AMARTH “Versus The World” /CD/

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Remastered re-release of the fourth full-length album by the cult Swedish Melodic Death Metal band.
First Amon Amarth album to showcase a more midpaced and heavy sound, unlike their earlier faster works. Band return with another terrain flattening, Viking-obsessed Death Metal platter.
Vocalist Johan Hegg alternates between a whispery low rumble and an upper-register shriek, both of which are surprisingly able to render the lyrics quite intelligible at times. What's possibly most impressive about "Versus The World" is the ebb and flow of the record; there is an engaging variety of moods, tempos and textures that is lacking from the work of many similar bands. The songs are truly songs, which are thoughtfully arranged and manage to deliver melody and even beauty, along with moments of extreme brutality.
The name of Amon Amarth ever since their beginnings stands for heaviness, mighty, pounding compositions that make you imagine the Viking warriors on their dragon ships, fighting against intruders or being out on a pillage tour; stands for grand melodies, lines, no, arches of great melodies that intertwine with the powerful and crushing rhythm-guitars, forming an all-encompassing machine, towering over you, shadowing everything in its monumental size; stands for a forceful sound that definitely can blow you against the wall and hold you there with ease.
Amon Amarth seem to be incapable of doing a weak album and with their trademarks they not only managed to create another high quality masterpiece, but they definitely also have their own sound within the much crowded Death Metal scene, as the title implies, these five Swedes take on the world, with an album like "Versus The World", the odds are damn good that they will conquer it!!
In 2005, "Versus The World" was ranked number 413 in Rock Hard magazine's book of The 500 Greatest Rock & Metal Albums of All Time.
Metal Blade Records GmbH, 2002/2011 (3984-14791-2). Made in Germany. Pressed in Austria.

1. Death In Fire 4:56
2. For The Stabwounds In Our Backs 4:57
3. Where Silent Gods Stand Guard 5:47
4. Vs The World 5:20
5. Across The Rainbow Bridge 4:49
6. Down The Slopes Of Death 4:08
7. Thousand Years Of Oppression 5:40
8. Bloodshed 5:15
9. And Soon The World Will Cease To Be 6:57
Total playing time: 47:46


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