ALFA ERIDANO AKHERNAR "The Magnificent Rebirth of a Mighty Old Empire" /CD/

Brutal Death/Black Metal from Mexico.
A full lenght effort, that enclose a volcanic sound,
mixing extreme Death Metal with Black Metal!!
Concreto Records, 2004 (CDCR-06)

1.Argumentum ad Baculum (5:33)
2.Mexica’s Battles (6:00)
3.Inhuman Ritual of Submission and Blood (4:55)
4....To Aztec Glory (4:46) 
5.Alienate Armies to Serve our Greed (4:44)
6.Hail King Victorious! (3:59)
7.The Magnificent Rebirth of a Mighty Old Empire (8:00)

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The most insane and sacrilegious feelings to unleash the best Blackened Death Metal ever its back!!! A new killer production, mixing maturity, tecnic and total hate under an outstanding recording... The Aztec War Metal horde its returning showing what real Metal its about, musick for tyrants!!! ..