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AFTER FOREVER “After Forever” /CD/

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The fifth and the final full-length album by the Dutch Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal band.
Like most eponymous albums arriving late in a band's career, After Forever's fifth long-play was named thus because it was intended to function as some kind of statement; a virtual catalog of the Dutch band's multiple personality disorder as it was made musical, Prog-Symphonic-Goth-Metal flesh. Too bad it also proved to be the band's swan song. Yet, in the end, perhaps it was the realization that their heavier tendencies and overly ambitious compositional templates would forever stop them short of attaining the commercial success enjoyed by the self-same Nightwish that ultimately convinced After Forever to throw in the towel after this release. Should they stick with this decision, they can at least move ahead into their individual endeavors with the knowledge that their efforts were not in vain, but rather represented some of the most accomplished female-fronted Heavy Metal created over the course of the 2000s!
After Forever have a mature, snappy, bombastic and deep-rooted command of Heavy Metal songwriting, with groovy, pulsating rhythms, thundering staccato riffing, heartfelt and mesmerizing clean vocals from the lovely Floor Jansen and powerful, heavenly choirs to boot. The orgy of sound will floor you within a couple of listens, and you'll be wondering where this has been all your life. After Forever's self titled album is essential for pretty much anyone who likes good Metal, and if this is their last album, this would be the stunning high note you would want them to go out on!! Absolutely superlative!!!
The album reached position No. 6 on the Dutch album charts.
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2007 (NB 1811-2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Discord 4:36
2. Evoke 4:24
3. Transitory 3:28
4. Energize Me 3:10
5. Equally Destructive 3:31
6. Withering Time 4:31
7. De-Energized 5:10
8. Cry With A Smile 4:25
9. Envision 3:56
10. Who I Am 4:35
11. Dreamflight 11:09
12. Empty Memories 4:56
Total playing time: 57:51


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