AESMA DAEVA "Dawn Of The New Athens" /CD/

The fourth full-length album by American Operatic Symphonic Metal band.
Released March of 2007 this was Aesma Daeva's first release in 4 years. The album was hindered by almost an entire lineup change. Sonically it is Aesma Daeva's greatest release. Under the button of Grammy award winning producer Neil Kernon. The album was recorded and mixed at Wax Trax in Chicago.
Album continues the style influenced by the culture of Ancient Greece. The album's title originates from the Arthur C Clarke novel "Childhoods End". New Athens - a colony without struggle, anger, righteous indignation, rage, produced no creative works thus by killing its self off.
The album's title was an acknowledgement of the new line up but also of the strife and frustration that led to the aggressive and mystical output of songs on the album. The band introduces their new singer Lori Lewis with this album since the previous lead vocalist, Melissa Ferlaak, left to join the rows of Visions of Atlantis. As Lori is also working with the crew of Therion it appears in this album that these two bands have started to approach each other both musically and professionally.
One of the key words for this album is certainly "joy of recognition". Tracklist includes brand new versions of two key songs from the previous release "The New Athens Ethos". The main tunes and sequences of "The Eros Of Frigid Beauty" are also recognizable in the new song "Ancient Verses". Good old songs are shown light upon from slightly different angles and rose to another level. Lori Lewis doesn't make any disappointment at all and proves to have vocal powers and singing style entirely comparable to Melissa's.
The haunting female vocals, the echoes and misty atmosphere, hard and deep instrumental side in certain places, all of it is present. Already familiar acoustic tracks of Ancient Greek and medieval music have lost their dominance and now show green light to sombre metal accompaniment which never leaves us. Slight similarity with Therion's musical atmosphere is emerging.
All in all, Aesma Daeva proves that they have come to stay. "Dawn Of The New Athens" is a promising album which proves that the band has some new and interesting plans and that we may expect something new from them soon.
Pnevma Records, 2007 (Pnevma 03). Made in USA. First press.

1. Tisza's Child 
2. The Bluish Shade 
3. Artemis 
4. Hymn To The Sun 
5. D'oreste 
6. The Camp Of Souls 
7. Ancient Verses 
8. Since The Machine 
9. The Loon

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