AABSYNTHUM "Inanimus" /Slipcase CD/

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Second full-length album by Romanian Funeral Doom Metal one-man band.
The music is dense, dark, depressing, sinister, obscure, suffocating, overwhelming, even conceptual...
Solemn and majestic Funeral Doom for lovers of bands like: Skepticism, Ea, Pantheist.
Marche Funebre Productions, 2011 (MARCH 007). Made in Russia. First press. Used: like new.

1.Initium 02:57
2.Are Themselves Simple Thoughts... 22:10
3....at the Hour of Death 17:30
4.That Comes Before the Final... Rest 22:24
5.Clausula 02:32
Total playing time: 01:07:33

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